P.O.G.O. Pry-Off, Gas-Off Bar
P.O.G.O. Pry-Off, Gas-Off Bar
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Specially designed bar for search and rescue applications. It's strong, lightweight and combines two important tools into one bar that fits nicely in your hand as you navigate any situation.

Any emergency that shakes your house, could cause two problems that can both be solved with POGO. First, gas lines can rupture, so you'll need to turn off the gas service. Second, that same jolt can leave you needing a pry tool to deal with debris, jammed doors, and other search and rescue functions. So the POGO is a very smart combo in a compact 15 inches (this means it will also fit in most backpacks or duffles - for your 72 hour emergency kit).

The POGO bar features:

  • Strong, lightweight construction from manganese steel
  • Integrated shut-off valve notches (two different angles for ease) for quick and easy gas shut off
  • Durable, high visibility powder coating
  • Well ground pry tangs for easier prying in tight seems
  • Notch for hanging on a nail or screw to keep at-the ready for an emergency
  • Compact and easy to handle at just 15 inches (fits in most backpacks and duffles for your emergency kit)
If you are interested in this combination emergency tool, check your gas shut-off valve to make sure the 1 6/16 inch notches will fit your particular shut-off valve. These notches were designed to fit most gas shut-off valves.

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