Kaito Voyager AM/FM/SW NOAA Radio - Red
Kaito Voyager AM/FM/SW NOAA Radio - Red
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The Kaito Voyager is the ultimate emergency and survival radio. It pulls in 7 bands of radio, including short wave and NOAA weather radio. The crank dynamo and solar panels (with adjustable position) can both charge the internal rechargeable battery for unlimited power. Lighting options include an LED flashlight, 5-LED reading light, and blinking red emergency light. The built-in USB adapter can be used to charge small electronics, including MP3 players and cell phones. In addition, 6 adapters provide connection for many popular cell phones. NOAA Weather Alert signals weather emergencies in the area.

Six Power Options

  • Dynamo cranking power: 120 turns per minute cranking will power the built in Ni-MH battery pack with strong current and voltage.
  • Solar panel power: Under the direct sunlight, the solar panel will power the radio
  • AA batteries (3 batteries, not included)
  • The built-in rechargeable battery pack.
  • AC adapter
  • Charge from a computer via USB port


  • 5-LED reading lamp for camping and emergency use.
  • White LED flashlight
  • Red LED blinking for emergency alert.

Radio Reception

  • AM: 520-1717 KHz
  • FM: 88.00- 108.00 MHz
  • SW1: 3.20-9.00KHz
  • SW2: 9.00- 22.00KHz
  • All 7 weather bands
  • Weather Alert: To be activated by weather alert signals.
  • PLL crystal control circuit for stable reception


  • 6 Cellphone Tips
  • Earphone
  • USB Cord
  • AC adapter

Unlike some stores that offer the Voyager, our version includes the AC adapter.


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