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Being Prepared At The Office

The office is a place where we have to be prepared because we spend many hours each week at work. That makes it likely that an emergency could take place while we're at work. Each day we bring things to work such as lunch, computers, and our most important coffee cup! But have we brought even basic emergency supplies?

Sudden Emergency

What happens if today is the day an earthquake strikes while you're at work. If the power goes out, does anyone have a flashlight or light stick? A n LED flashlight will be ready to go, especially if it has a crank option for power. How will you communicate? Phones may go down or be reserved for 911 calls. An FRS radio could let you contact friends or family. Was that part of your plan?

Ready to Evacuate or Stay

If you have to get out of the building quickly, do you have a kit you can take with you? If you have a basic 72-hour kit in your desk or office, you would be ready to go. Things like 72-hours of emergency food and water are essential. You may not be able to get home for some time if roads, bridges, or transit are disabled. A crank AM/FM radio gives us a reliable way to keep informed. If your office is in a place where sudden, sever weather happens, someone should have an AC-powered NOAA weather radio with NOAA Alert. Those radios will signal as soon as a severe weather warning is issued. An early warning means extra time to shelter or evacuate.

Simple tools could save lives. Gloves, safetly glasses, and a respirator mask are good protection from debris. Is there a pry bar for opening a jammed door or freeing someone who is stuck?

Is the Company Prepared?

Ideally, the company will be prepared to care for its employees in an emergency. There are many businesses that have prepared their company with long shelf-life food and water along with Emergency Medical Kits in their buildings. Every office building should have an Automated Electronic Defibrillator. Sudden Cardiac Arrest should be treated in two minutes. Emergency vehicles can't make it to you in two minutes - even under normal conditions. The stress of an emergency increases the chances for a heart attack.

Have an office plan for all employees to follow. In the event of this type of disaster know what to do, where to meet, and where the emergency supplies are stored. This same story has played out many times over the years from California to New York. It could be weather, an accident, or a terrorist attack. But being prepared is your lifeline to survival.