We have identified information from the best non-commercial sites. That means that they aren't trying to sell you anything (unlike us!) - just help you to be prepared, safe, and informed. Please click on the logo of any of the sites to connect to that site. We'll take you to their page on emergency preparedness if there is one.

Ready.govThis is the government's premier site for information on being prepared for emergencies. Be sure to look at the emergency preparedness checklists for recommendations on what to have in your emergency preparedness kit.

Department of Homeland SecurityThis is the main site for the Department of Homeland security. It contains a broad array of information, including the current terror alert level, travel safety warnings, and international warnings.

Pandemicflu.govThis is the official goverment site for tracking the Avian Flu - as well as any other global health issues. There is also information for protecting yourself from a potential pandemic. Centers for Disease ControlThe National Centers for Disease Control is the principal agency in the United States government for protecting the health and safety of all Americans. Information is available on all health-related issues, including pandemic flu.
NOAAThis is the site for the National Weather Service. In addition to live radar and news information, this site is also home to the National Hurricane Center and its reports on all tropical cyclones. National Safety CouncilThe National Safety Council is a non-profit, non-government agency whose goal is to educate and influence people to prevent accidental injury and death.
American Red CrossThe Red Cross is primarily a first-responder organization - which means that they act when a disaster strikes. But their site also contains information on how to prepare for disasters. FEMAFEMA is the government agency that deals with domestic disasters. The site contains information on preparing for and dealing with natural as well as technological hazards.
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