Welcome to HurricaneStore.com. HurricaneStore.com was founded by two high school friends who grew up in South Florida (the most likely place on the planet to be hit by a hurricane).

The mission of HurricaneStore.com is to grow a successful business by providing quality products that will genuinely help people be prepared for emergencies, like hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, winter storms, tornados, and pandemic flu.

In 2004, one of the co-founders of HurricaneStore.com was driving on the highway when a terrible automobile accident occurred in front of him. As it turns out, he was trained as an Emergency Medical Technician so he jumped out of his car and began to administer aid to the accident victims. A doctor was in another car and joined in to help. Unfortunately, nobody had the emergency medical supplies with them that the victims needed. Most first aid kits simply don’t have the tools for medical emergencies.

Out of this tragic event came the desire to help everyone – not just emergency personnel – be prepared for a medical emergency. People needed to have an emergency medical kit, not just a first aid kit.

As research on the medical kits progressed, another emergency became even more pressing – hurricanes. You see, the founders still live in South Florida. In recent years, there have been a record-setting number of hurricanes. It was clear that people needed more than just an emergency medical kit. So research expanded to encompass all of the needs for hurricane preparation. With each hurricane, new needs were identified and new products tried. As our awareness and knowledge of emergency preparedness grew, we also realized that we could help people to deal with all types of natural and man-made disasters.

While the scope of our solution has grown, the reason behind it is still what started it all. HurricaneStore.com is here to help people be prepared with the best products we can find for the job. If you have any questions or suggestions about our products or web site, we would love to hear from you. Please contact us through one of the options on our Contact page.

Thank you for shopping at HurricaneStore.com!

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